Ledlam UK

Ledlam is an international registered brand that specialises in the high quality full range LED bulbs, flood lights, downlights, panel lights, tubes and LED accessories for private and commercial use. Founded in 2010, Ledlam aims to help customers better understand and recognise the benefits of LED lighting in both private and commercial sectors


Suzie Gee Makeup Artist

Suzie Gee is an award winning IMA certified freelance makeup artist offering a range of services from Bridal to Photo-Shoots and an IMA Qualified Hair Stylist.

With a passion for creating beautiful and flawless makeup, Suzie Gee enhances a woman’s beauty and best features – and not masking them.

Rue des Parfums

With an established track record of retailing and selling fine perfumes, Rue des Parfums brings people to live with their range of premium fragrance and scents.

Ping Express

The simple, affordable, convenient and secure way to send money.
In a market that was previously monopolised, Ping Express is transforming digital money transfer by bringing money transfer to the comfort of your fingertips and making it easier to keep your loved ones happy.

CE Global Health

Founded in 2003 to provide quality education for healthcare professionals, CE Global Health Education is a beaming beacon of hope to many aspiring trainees. Their mission is to lead and assist in achieving success in the healthcare field of their choice.

Skypower Telecom

Skypower Telecom are a leading VoIP and business telecommunication solution provider framed by highly qualified professionals. They offer a wide range of telephony and broadband solutions tailored to meet your requirement. They deliver wholesale international voice service via our robust, reliable, and resilient VoIP platform.



ebitConsultancy combines many years experience and knowledge learnt the hard way out in the field with a passion to help business owners achieve the business they dream of and a commitment to doing the right thing to help you.

Inspired by the endless possibilities of how technology can help us to achieve our dreams, ebitConsultancy will help you to achieve the business of yours.

With our help, the right processes supported by the right technology can provide your business with a true competitive edge. Whether this is new business opportunities through being Cyber Essentials and GDPR compliant, increasing your business capacity by  enhancing your business with game changing solutions or increasing your effectiveness by reaping the benefits of an educated workforce, ebitConsultancy can help you achieve the business you want.


Precious Kids Day Nursery

At Precious Kids Day Nursery, their aim is to skillfully facilitate a solid early year’s foundation for your child in a caring, stimulating and example driven environment that will help the children to build better friendship, create better future and set the children for an outstanding future.


Errol Lawson

As one of the UK’s top motivational speakers, Errol Lawson is a dynamic personality and highly-sought-after resource in organisations and schools looking to motivate and engage their leaders or students and see them perform at their highest potential.
As a Speaker and leading authority on achievement – Errol Lawson energises people to meet the challenges of the world around them. He skilfully weaves his compelling life story into the fabric of our daily lives. He teaches his audience to be courageous, to aim high, to achieve and actively make an impact on the world.

LF Fountain of Grace

At LF Fountain of Grace, we provide spiritual guidance and support, training and development (seminars, conferences, workshops, talks, etc) on personal and professional development, leadership and management, skills acquisition, relationship management, higher living and lifestyle choices, etc), sponsorship support, social amenities, and other programmes and events that contribute to the physical and spiritual empowerment of the people.